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Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Whatever will be will be....
Today....went to college with my colleague (dia baru perm rambut sey! mcm poodle wakaka) to settle up our MUET registrations..
there..we go here and there photocopying + approving bla bla..and u know what? something happened during dat time..something i cannot forget cos its my first time? hahaha..only some people would know n understand what i meant...
anyway...because of that..i had to lepak2 to chill myself ... so apalagi..roger emin..gerak kl...5 hour package @ Tbun...apa pnya malang...satu game pon x penah maen full...n server cc bole down? @!#$@@$^
tapi takpala..janji ada kepuasan sket...walaupun we are in the chinese territory ..we can still LAN C maa! :D

ps: kemas umah kemas umah!