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GK, Genting..and Stadium merdeka..

Sunday, December 09, 2007

A few days back..gk came here..he's on holiday...we hang out ..and went to genting highland (woo this is my 2nd time there..) ...that was on 8th December..many crazy things happened...we went into Van helsing's ghost house...and disturbed the ghost ..one of them said 'Lu pahal?' ..hahahahaha...that was really funny and not scary at all...on the way back down to earth...my bumper fell off...was a shocking moment and we had to stop at the side of the road..tried to sepak it on back but we couldnt...lastly...gk used his belt and tied up the bumper..wahahahahahahah..and oh...i went there with amir..gk..and fadd

next day..9th december...something i've never done in my life..i did that day..which was ...goin to the concert..MCR concert! They were awesome! Like their performance..but hated the waiting and the poor organizer who is noob in organizing this...damn...went back at 4 am after sending gk's friend who i still dont know his name till now...at politeknik shah alam...and missed the 9 am mr ikram's class.. xD


Saturday, December 01, 2007

Ouhhh....been busy for a few weeks and at last could get some rest and post something...oh...really miss her...she just got back to sarawak..wonder when will i see her live again... :| ..... i guess 2 weeks goin out with her made my stone heart breaks apart...aiyaaa...and the crazy things we did...went to genting highland...(my first time there...seems that she's the same..) ...we went there only wearing tshirts...wohoo...so geng..hahaha..there we find our way to the theme park..but since it's quite late...we dont play the rides etc..only went into ripleys showroom...and took pictures..and eat marrybrown..hoohoo...last day..went to nandos..eat a chicken with rice...wtf! it says im not brave enough cos i didnt take the hottest..hahahahahahaahaaah..missing her..
what to do what to do!
many things happened for the past weeks...my car bla bla bla...and oh..just received news that im going to have my 4th nephew/niece next year! yeah! ..my mom went to kelantan already to wait for the birth of ismail a.k.a We ..i guess she's must be enjoying her time waiting for her 2nd grandchild...and next year 2 more coming...wohoo..i still remember she said "Mak ni tah sempat tgk cucu ke tak.." ..and she got 2 already! wah how happy she is...congrats mum!

- Bila Terasa Rindu -

Apa agaknya khabarmu di sana?
Di sini ku sedang dibelenggu rindu
Beginikah rasa seksa perpisahan
Sungguh anehnya hidup berasingan

Hati terasa bagai tertinggal di situ
Meskipun tubuh dah jauh beribu batu
Sesaat seperti setahun lamanya
Semasa kau tiada
Apa yang terdaya

Bila terasa rindu ku sebut namamu
Dengan harapan kau akan muncul dalam tidur
Bila terasa rindu ku bayang wajahmu dalam angan
Dan barulah ku terasa bagai disembuh

Jauh sekali hidup di sini berbeza
Beribu kali lagi ku selesa di sana
Tak sabar menantikan detik kepulangan
Namun hingga itu
Apa yang termampu

Bila terasa rindu ku sebut namamu
Dengan harapan kau akan muncul dalam tidur
Bila terasa rindu ku bayang wajahmu dalam angan
Dan barulah ku terasa bagai disembuh

Terlintas di fikiran untuk meminggirkan saja
Semua pencarian di sini
Tetapi ini sebahagian dari pengorbanan
Bekalan andainya hari sukar mencabar