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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Rules: Once you've been tagged, you have to write a post with sixteen random things, habits or goals about you. At the end, choose five people to be tagged, listing their names and why you chose them. Don't forget to leave a comment telling them that they've been tagged and asking them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you. Since you can't tag me, let me know when you've posted your blog, so I can see your weirdness.

1. Fuckin' love chocolates! But cant eat too much..saket gigi sia..tataw napa
2. DotA,pool,networking,loitering around the net
3. Hate backstabbers but am one of the backstabber
4. Did many regretful things
5. Killed lots of 'serangga pilehan'
6. Love cars but dont really know much about it
7. Computer geek
8. Love gadgets
9. Borros
10. Dunhill preferably
11. Ageing, grey hairs
12. Loonatic,emotional,sensitive,jealous
13. I have weird pose of lying down on floor while reading
14. Hate clowns after watching 'IT'
15. Love nasik lemak soo much.
16. Easily fall in love?
17. Try to be loyal
18. Manga , comic lovers
19. Somewhat anak mak xD
20. one of my name's meaning : Penunggang Kuda / Horse Rider....
21. tried to diet and stop smoking..a lot of times
22. jinxed a lot...i mean..sometimes things already happened in my dreams
23. watched too much violence made me somewhat vulnerable to it
24. once hate football
25. virgin hehehehe

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Bye bye teenagers!

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Today... 8th february 2009...i kissed goodbye to my beloved teenage life..as im turnin' 20 today!

There were so many things happening b4|during|after the day...
Firstly .. i was so DAMN frustrated when i got a call from my mom..she said something about something from someone that made me uncomfortable and a little bit PISSED OFF!
N cos of that..i totally blew my own bday (mybe) ..by letting out my anger on my beloved friends n to myself.
How damn stupid i was. Sigh
But then again...when i was driving to klang back home...during the congested traffic (as usual)..i texted 'the friends' i have been yelling or whatsoever at..and said im sorry...luckily they understands me and forgave me..so i became more calm that nite...
still, im a bit stressed with what's happening and dont really know what to do..i feel like jumping off brunsfield apartment,or smoke to death, or even drive crazily until i die in a crash at that time...
N then i chose the slowest but painful death among all...which is SMOKING.
So the next day (8th feb) .. when i woke up early in the morning...im happy because my mom had baked me a chocolate cake..thanks Mom! Eventhough u said , "Ini je termampu skang ni"..to me..that's more than enough..own baked cake by you made me so damn happy..i know we are on tight budget..so dont worry mom..i dont need fancy stuffs or anything like i used to want when i was younger...
(I never really like celebrating my own birthday anyway...only with family..mom,brothers are enough for me..thank you for not turning me to be birthday liker..hehe) But, i do enjoy celebrating others' bday :D
So after everything..eating cakes etc...
I went from klang to kl to send my mom ..and then straight to OU becos friends are waiting there. One of them, Nurul Yazmin had invited me for a movie and hangouts with friends...and also Khairunnisa ..who was so eager (btol ke? hehe) inviting me to go there. Actually, i plan to run far away on bday as i felt something would happen (kena baleng telo ke apa ke)...but after turning them down they somewhat mad at me, i decided to go on with their plans.
And so i was there at OU, lucky me i found it! I wasnt so sure cos i rarely go to OU. I hate that place .. just bcause of the parking lots and the freakingly lots of fly overs in damansara.
There, i went searching for them and finally met them at TGV..i decided to fill my stomach first cos im damn tired and hungry!
BK pon BK la...had my 2nd french burger or something there. the first was during Sera's bday at section 13 BK. GOD i hate burgers but this burger is like..roti canai to me! xD

Then came my first suprise..3 girls.. Khai , Syira , and Blanchet came with a box of donuts with Epy 20th Bday MR Panda :) writings on the donuts..how sweet..
i meant the donuts. :P
Due to my pain teeth when eating sweets..i ate only one of the donut there...and save up the rest when i get home later.

The Birthday Donuts :)

I somewhat felt happy and suprised as i dont much expect it (due to what i did b4 that xD) ..thanks Khairunnisa.
Then we went for the movie "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button"
It was about a guy..who was born old..and died a baby..he was getting younger and younger (how i wish im like that lol..nah..jk) ...

Btw..i didnt know Blanchet was in the movie lol! xD

Anyway...i watched the fucking 3 hours movie with joy...and sadness...
the joyful part is its free (Thanks YAZMIN!)
and the sad part..i had to sit with all the couples and a couple wannabee..dang!
Takper2...sabo je la..
The 3 hours of sitting made my butt stiffed...cos we Men dont have natural cushions like Women do. What i mean natural cushion is their butt....eventhough i have fatty butt..its none near the cushion like butt.. T.T
(I first heard that statement when i was in school..it was my teacher..or one of the practical teachers that thought me)

Elfina & Wan Fakhruz Syakirin
Siti Sarah
Bday Guy (not boy okay!)
From left: Fatah , Syira , Shazlyn (aa kat blakang lyn ada khai,n belah kanan ada tangan Blanchet! xD)
Siti Sarah , Mohd Ikram Shah and Nurul Yazmin
Blanchet Bridget , Syira Shah
Hanif Zulkhairi n Qashwa(tak reti eja..jgn mara anep! :P)

See how depressed i was? (waiting for the girls outside the restrooms)

After the movie...we lepak2 in OU for a while while arguing for the next destination...
and lastly we decided to go and eat the infamous Chicken Chop at Uptown Damansara.
Syira, "Pais..ko naek ngan aku la..ko park kete" ..i was like "Oh , ok. Jimat minyak"
n so we pinpoint our rendezvous ..i thought i was the last to be there...but fatah came later than me :P.. (fyi, i searched for my car for like..20-30 minutes) ..damn parking lots!

After parking my car in front of the 7e11 to be safe..(yeah..selamat selamat..tp penoh taik burung..lahanat kuda tol.)..we went to uptown damansara...so many people there...and i think i've been there when i was young..(im old now T.T) ...my cousin used to bring me there to buy pirated vcds..hell yeah! xD
and today..i went there for a pirate chicken....chop.

Chicken Lanun..wooo..uptiown Dmansara!

All in all..it was 'fun' and happy..at least i forget about my unhappiness for a while there...thanks guys

Credits to:
Nurul Yazmin
Siti Sarah
Elfina Tajul Ariffin
Wan Fakhruz Syakirin
Mohd Ikram Shah
Syira Shah
Blanche Bridget
Shazlyn Ashikin
Hanif Zulkhairi

did i miss anyone? dont think so...thanks again!

Oh, after the whole thing..i went back to kl..and a few days later i came back...i found something in my drawers...

Music box...with the music "Hey Jude from Beatles" in it...i couldnt say much...this is my first time ever to get such thing..which im sooo happy and excited of...at first i thought someone misplaced it..the wrappings seems like the thing kirin and anep got at i-dont-know-who's wedding b4...
But when i looked inside..waweee!!
I guess its for me..rite? happy 20th bday..without the name of sender and receiver...so i started calling and thanking ..at first the person who gave me that box didnt want to admit it...but then i got to know the truth after some 'research' :D

Thanks to 'you'!

So..all in all..i got :
Own baked Birthday Cake - mom
Bday Donuts - Kai NTG or alone.
Free movie ticket - Nurul Yazmin
Music Box - Kai
Wishes - People

That's all...after all the free time i have..i chose to type this on the nite b4 my final paper tmrw..hahahaha...adios!