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21. 8-2-2010

Monday, February 08, 2010

This day is quite meaningful, and unforgettable for me.

It is the day that i discovered a few things in my life. I was suprised 3 times by people during these few days.

1. I was 'sympathized' by someone i used to LOVE. Which i fucking hate. I dont need your sympathy. I dont need your so-called-barcode-love. I'm sorry to say this, but i ain't THAT desperate. I'd rather be alone than being used like a dumb.

2. An old friend came to Shah Alam! Thank you Yaz and Aya for the suprise!

3. A birthday suprise at AC...was embarrassed at first..but was soooo happy to know that people cared. Thank you everyone!

The birthday suprise and presents are amazing. Thank you Thank you and Thank you.

ps: 143 All.

Kau Tipu Aku

Friday, February 05, 2010

Pernah dulu kau kata kau cintakan ku,
Bertahun lama sanggup kau menungguku,
Hati dan jiwamu hanyalah untukku,
Sumpah dan janjimu memburu untukku.
ya ya ya ya,
Kau, kau tipu aku, x2
Kau tipu aku
Kau tipu aku
Kau curi jiwaku kau gembirakannya,
Kau dakap tanganku,
kau bahagiakannya,
kau kucup bibirku,
Kau menikmatinya,
Kau peluk tubuhku,
Kau ceriakannya.
Kiniku lihat kau berdua dengannya,
Tapi mengapa dia teman karibku,
Tawa gembira,
Musnahkan jiwaku,
Kau hancurkan semua saat manisku.

What's up?

Monday, February 01, 2010

Nothing is up except the ceiling.
But something is wrong with my chest. I feel pain!
I think it's from my heart.
Please, help me! I wonder what's wrong??
Doctor! Doctor!?
I need medical attention now!
What is this feeling i have?
Damn it! It's fucking painful!
My heart is beating so fast that it may explode at any time!
Oh GOD, please do help me.
I can't do much....
I can't stop thinking of HER ..
Oh My God... I think im in LOVE!