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Frens n happy hour

Friday, June 19, 2009

It was two days ago..i had tiring but very fun day..or should i say nite..with my frens..who i met and get to know for just 2 years ago..

The first one was karaoke-ing @ AMP...it was the happiest karaoke-ing moment i ever had..it is the first time i really enjoyed it..n not only goin there bcause of others..but i myself wanted to..(ye ke?)
frankly, i was an anti-karaoke person before i entered the college..i find it boring n kinda stupid..yeah? hahaha
rm30++ per head sounds expensive to someone as broke as me...but , what the fuck..its been like 4-6 times already! We went underground many times and decided not to karaoke bcause of the price...but this time..i guess i'll just let loose some of my screws..
We got lucky! Bcos there arent many people booking..we got a room which was set for only 3 hours but instead, we get to have it as long as we want! N the bufet..SPLENDID! Fattening but worth it..at least that's what i thought to myself..let my rm30+ worth it!

After long hours of eating n singing craps..passionately..i had to rush for another commitment..with my guy friends..DotA time!

We were short of one person but it didnt stopped us..had fun..1 lose 1 win...back at home at 6..sleep at 7...then wake up again at 9..gosh!

I dont know why i keep typing craps like this..sometimes i find doing this thing very disgusting n showy..am i rite? As if there are readers who'd really want to read all the long long long things..xcept for me myself in the future maybe..and now i remember back..this blog was originally my own personal diary..yeah..that's it..
ooo yeah...

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