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Whoaaa! Last day of january

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

After sooooooooo long havent updated this blog (busy...laptop rosak..bla bla bla...but the real reason is LAZY!)...and now..finally im making a comeback..

Huhuhuhuhhu..1st thing i wanna say...FUCK! hahahaha.... its been 2 days and i havent go to any classes...there are no classes on tuesday (all canceled yippeee!)but...bcos of that much happiness..i didnt sleep that nite ..oh..i did actually..starting from 6 am...then i overslept till my 8-9 , 10-11 class was over...dang!
Yesterday, 30th..went to campus for pre-registration..so confident and got a pc..
w00t! what subject do i take on next short sem??? omg! im in trouble! ...jeng jeng jeng...call for help..yeah..that's what i shud do..and i did.....
i texted Vina/Veen/Banana/Jaanu and asked her bout it...took her a few minutes to reply as she said she was in the bathroom...sigh...for that i had to treat her..well..air kosong pon kira belanja wat..rite jaanu? hahaha

ooooh..cant wait for the CNY holiday....had so many things planned..but donno we'll succeed or not..^_^
and problems...mostly money wise..shit..steamyx bill tertunggak..now RM463...f**king hell!

guess this is what happen when u procrastinate ..a LOT...
money money money...now i even had to refill my fuel for only rm5 as i have no money...
enough about that..will continue more later...its 4:30 am ...3 and half hour left b4 class...assgment not finished..presentation not ready..HELL YEAH! ..someone left home early for holidays..dang! now i feel like goin home oso..sigh!