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Amazing trip!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Last saturday , on 15th may 2010... my mom, hafiz rosli and myself went for a trip to Kelantan. I was on the mission on sending my mom SAFELY to my brother's house in Melor, Kelantan. The trip begins at 6pm...and the weird things started happening at around 7++pm at the Petronas station at Karak Highway. Really unlucky for me..as this thing happened to me once before..and it happened again..man..it sucks!
My car keys along with other keys fall into the pit of disaster (lubang jamban liao!)
and the guy before me didnt flush! Fuck it! I was shocked and couldnt think well..if i flush the toilet..my keys wouldve been flushed as well..HELL NO. that's the only key and we're far away from home. So i brace myself and went DEEP. God knows how i felt that time. With all the SHITS inside...me...who is a penggeli..had to go through a nightmare..SHIT HAPPENS MAN. Then, lepas da basuh2 sume..i went out and asked for some soap..but the petronas didnt have any..luckily i have my sanitizer in the car..phewwww..
but my alarm was broken..and it went on and off like crazy..had to put out the battery to make things better.
ok that's the first thing happened on this trip.

2nd :
The bumpy roads sucks. And hafiz seems to be pushing himself to the limit when i felt he rushed things and went on the bumpy roads like crazy..hahaha..
Arrived at 2am..sleep at 3..woke up at 10..drive to kubang kerian to drop off mom and brother with his family at the new mydin there. Went to Kota Bharu to meet up with my lil bro and lil sis + their mom (my stepmom)
They've grown up! My brother now is having girls all over him..and he smokes too.. O_o form 3..jeeeez

3rd :
on our way back..we stopped by K.Terengganu..called some friends to lepaking at the usual place...then move on our journey at around 11++ pm.
I drove with full integrity..well.not..i was sleepy...i did many things to keep me awake which includes singing loudly (sorry apis) , wash my face off with the mineral water, put my face out the window to feel the breeze, smoked A LOT, and even stopped at the station to buy some Redbull and wash my face..again.
Yet, i still feel sleepy and by the time i reached LPT...i was TOO damn SLEEPY that i was having illusion of a Singapore Lion Gold Statue in the middle of the highway! WTF man..that's the most ridiculous illusion i've ever seen in my life..kot. Before this i was seeing cones and things..but now..lion???? and i was evading it like crazy sampai hafiz woke up. after that..we immediately switched driver.

4th :
i was awaken by the sudden stop of the car..due to insects attack!
the insects which always fly around lamps...came on the windshield and suicided! there were millions of them..suddenly i felt like im in the movie where aliens invaded but instead, insects invaded us! I should suggest this to M.Night Shyamalan :D

that's all ..my car is cleaned up now..all the dead bodies have been wiped off and its all thanks to the guys next to Rafi Bistro for cleaning it up!