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2 weeks have passed

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Finally, got some time to kill to write out on this open diary of mine...
It's been 2 weeks .. since i started my life as a teacher, instead of as a student.
For the very first day, it was indeed 'scary' to me..my stomach hurts like crazy...and i sweats, A LOT!
Got there as early as 7am...me n aizat went there and meet with arvin and anisha..our colleagues...and then..we went gally venting around the school..looking for the headmistress/principal's office..
Finally, after asking around, we found the office. We went inside n i was glad that in there we got to cool down a bit.with all the air-cond here and there..unlucky for us..the principal was busy..because it was monday...assembly day. So, the vice principal told us to join the assembly and after that we'll get to meet the principal.

The principal was very nice.. her name is Pn. Faridah or is it Pn. Paridah..i forgot..she told us many2 things..and just from that, i know she's very good and understanding, yet strict. Cut the craps, we got assigned into two different time, anu and arvin for the morning session, while me and aizat the evening session..
which i kinda like, cos im a night owl...
Now, begins the 'torture' of newbies...we just entered the teachers' room and already 2 teachers asking help from us...being newbies, we couldnt say no.. :)
so we helped the teachers, arranging the exam papers and staple em. It was quite tiring and boring since its a repeating job. I dont really like doing same things over and over again...xcept for things i like.

Nevermind that, lucky for us (me and aizat only) ..the teacher we helped wanted to repay back our help..so she gave rm10 for both of us to spend..yeay!
So that's the story of our first day..

To be continued when im free and rajin....


Sunday, July 12, 2009

the day i've been waiting for so long has finally arrived...hopefully i'll be doin just fine..hopefully...