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Paees Panda! xD

Saturday, June 28, 2008

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Friday, June 27, 2008

Spain won against Russia 3-0...

But the sucky part is that i accidentally left my keys inside our home...and all of us are locked out! Damn!!!! It was 4am in the morning and we tried our best to get in..but failed...the only option is to wait for Ferd to be back .... i was tired of waiting and trying that i left ... Kirin anep and aizat were left there n they went to some frens house at level 7...i went to STDN and to Klang at 7 am...sleep for like 1-2 hours then went back to shah alam...
i arrived at 12pm noon at college..texted yaz.. "Mana?" .. "Rafi. The girls eating", yaz said. Adoi...so i went to CG04 and saw it was already closed...!#!@^$^#&
Went to rafi..had a drink..and went off to brunsfield....
skip skip skip

at 2pm++ near 3pm...went to college to settle things off...i was asked to activate the ID first at account dept. so i did...saw yaz already goin to see the mentor...T.T haiz..im late!

and so i went there at acc dept. ...tut tut tut...met Seiryu there...chat with her about things..and then when her number is up...we both went to the counter...she was helping her fren activating id but the business was supposed to be done at the back..so she wasted 1 hour or more waiting for the numbers :P hehehe pity...but lucky me i got her number...

Me and the staff

Staff: Ye amek apa?
Me: Private
Staff: Dah amek nombor? Amek nombor dulu kang saya panggil (with disgusted look)
Me: Dah amek la.. ni! (i showed her the number that Seiryu just passed to me when i was asked for it..haha lucky!)
Staff: K.. (do her work...for..quite...some...time)..
Me: (Look here and there..there was a beautiful girl behind me...my classmate i think..junior maybe?)
Staff: Hmm..ni kene bayar ni...installment ngan first month punya fees...
Me: Hah????? Ye ke? Berapa?
Staff: Total untuk sem ni RM3k++++ (i forgot how much exactly) ... awak kene bayar installment RM600 ngan first month bla bla bla..
Me (Thinking to myself): What the hell??!! Aku tak bawak dwet pon! Demit ah!
Me: err..kak..kalaw bayar sikit dulu boleh? yang laen saya bayar hari isnin..saya tak bawak byk duit ni..saya bayar rm300 dulu ok?
Staff: (thinking and discussing with her colleagues)...
Staff 2: Andai kata la..tak boleh bayar...pasti ke boleh bayar isnin ni?
Me: Ye la bayar la
Staff 2: Tapi kalau tak boleh? Kalau la..
Me: Insya-ALLAH saya bayar laaa...hari isnin ni...kalau tak bayar tu pon kalau acc dept. ni tutup la!
Staff 2: Sure ke boleh bayar ni? Kalau tak bayar cepat kena denda tau?
Me (Thinking to myself): Wtf? Dia ni ingat aku nak tipu ke taknak bayar?
Me: Berapa denda dia?
Staff: RM2 sehari
Me: Laa..Rm2 sehari saya tak kisah la..
Staff: Tak kisah eh? Ok.. (took the Rm300 and start printing the bills)
Me: K terima kaseh...

I went off with anger...wtf with this management? Hold a bit also cannot? Its not like i can run away (and if i did...they wont lose much la! Cos i run means i dont study anymore and i dont use the facilities!)
Because of my anger and ego..i called my brother and asked him to give me some of my cash to pay for the GOD**** fees! I rushed to section 2 and took the money from my brother (and oh brought achap along)..
went back to acc dept. took number..and paid all what i have to pay (upon receiving money the damn staff smiled..i wonder why)
Later i find out that Sabran , who also private...only had to pay RM600 installment... >.<

MSU (Management Sucks, Understood!)

result..not good enough..just k ok.. :D

Penang 2nd Tour

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Once again...we went to the north...foe what? no particular reasons xcept sending achap to his beloved nawal...plus i wanted to see my friend from the net (Torncity to be exact)...
This time its a bit different..where we dont drive my kenari..we drove BMW 3 series compact woo.. haha

Patsy and me

Look at Yeye's hand..as if he's wanking double handed xD
And achap...the reason his sweater at his waist is becos his butt was basah...

Berpura2 rajin bace...

Near gurney plaza..

We watched Incredible Hulk at Gurney Plaza ..it was muuuch better than the previous Hulk..

The next day me achap and kirin had 5 matches of DotA (again) with Rudy and his bro n fren...we won 4 games and lost once...heheheheeh taiping taiping...
that's all about the trip

My first experience

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Wohoo..its time! Today i was quite busy...doing what? I had to go to the imigration's department to make my new and first time passport (yeah i know most of u already had it...and say im lamo or something..but i dont care)...

From kl to klang ..took me 30 minutes or less...and then go to the department..took pictures..pay bla bla bla...then..wee! Finished at last..my passport...2 hours of waiting only actually.. :)

Cant wait to use this passport of mine..wonder where shud i go...Europe since its Euro season??? nahh..dont have that much amount.....but all in all im glad i have my passport and i already changed the money into other currency...

The End.

Happy Father's Day

Sunday, June 15, 2008

It is Father's Day today..

Dad,...thank you for everything you've done for me (eventho its not much compare to what mom have done..) ..i really appreciate it...
And thanks...for acknowledging me all the time when we were together..
Thanks..for the memories that we had..
Im really sad when u left us for another woman...sadly..yes..and to be truthful..i kinfd of hated u for what u've done...but i hated the woman much much more for what she's done..not to me..but to mom...why? Isnt she beautiful enough for u? Didnt she treated u well enough? Were us a big burden to u?
I dont know u that well since we were left when i was a small baby..so i dont feel much...but deep in my heart i wanted to be like other kids...having a father who would care for them..but i just couldnt..i guess...
But dad...what i dont know is..why..? When i was just getting close to u...u left me again..I've lost u twice..why? This time i know why...because God love u more than i do...
Eventhough u are not here with me anymore..your memories remains...thanks for everything dad...I'm proud to be your SON! I just hope u'll be fine 'there' and will always pray for you...THANK YOU.

Your Son

Melaka-JB(again) tour...

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Heya....just got back from Jaybee ekceli..
Currently in TBUN Setapak..
and typing after losing a dota game with some chinese...sigh

First day (departure)

Went to pool with aizat and izat at ampang as usual..
Then picked up amir..and went back home for ehemehem...
Later on aizat came with his BEC EG..and waited for us downhill of my aunt's .. me and amir went down..entered his car...and when we're about to move ..he realized..
"Eh..temperature kete gua naek!" ...so we stopped at the side of the road and pop the hood..
Here's the dialogue between us:
Amir : Kaw bukak hood thu
Aizat : A'a ok..
Paees: Waa..gila babay berasap-asap...
Amir: Zat..jgn bukak penutup thu

Aizat..ignoring what amir said..opened the thingy..and pffff!!!! The water sprinkled out like a geiser..hahahahaha

Paees : Woi..tutup2! Jgn bukak lagay..kang meletup melambung penutup thu!
Aizat : Aa...adoi..panas sial mende alah ni..

The end of the story..haha.... so we let the car cool down a bit..then went to a workshop nearby n get the car repaired...it was the fan ..
then we continued our journey..and stopped at a petrol station somewhere at the highway...i went inside to buy some snacks ...and when i got outside...wtf!?
Another incident happened..i saw some unidentified object under aizat's car...("What the fuck??? Another breakdown?" ,i thought to myself..but i was wrong..it was the pump nozzle which was pulled down when aizat drove away forgetting to unplug it from his fuel tank...lmaoooooooo...what a commotion..i could even hear the PA speaking..
after laughing and settling things off..we continued our journey again....
arrived at aizat's home (in Parit Putat..yeah weird name)...lepak2 a bit...smoke smoke eat snickers..then went out..
We went across the border into Johor (Muar) ..just to have ikan bakar...yeah..something that i dont eat much..or maybe never?
So there we are...at someplace (i forgot the name ha ha ha) ...there i bought a weird cigarette...called White Horse...cheap one..but quite okay laa...
we sat..ordered kuey teow..nasi goreng..ikan siakap 3 rasa..sotong goreng..sate ayam...and some beverages (the pear juice sux!@#@$!#@%) ..and oh..there was a makcik who fell down from her chair when we were eating..all of us 'tahan ketawa'...hehehe poor makcik and funny..

Taking pictures at tower next to the food court.. :D

After that we moved on..to cc...b4 goin back home...chat chat and chat...we forgot that it is a 'pekan'..the cc closed at 12am...so we had to logoff and pay..:(

The cc which still using IBM..

The next day...we woke up quite late at noon..and went straight to A Famosa (eventho we sesat as aizat didnt know the road quite well...)..we had to stopped at a mamak restaurant (air conditioned whoohooo)...and eat there as well as ask them where is a famosa...

then we moved on...to a famosa...it was tiring but fun...all 3 of us bought cowboy hats..becos they were quite cheap..we went sightseeing to many places...on the boat..in the museum...and at the a famosa kubu..we even took a ride on the gigantic tower (but we called it bende bodoh..as usual la..everything is bodoh to us but we still do it?)...
btw..at the famosa...we saw many graves...and even a 'longkang' ..whoo..
and aizat bought bracelet[s] ...to give it to someone special i guess? ahahah not tellin anyone here...

Weird face..haiz..

Penyu..kirin? Bile mu sapa melake? dop kabo pong!

Ugly cowboy..:(

After all those tiring hiking , walking , and loitering....we went straight to Jaybee ...but oh..when we got to the car...there was a ticket there..aizat got summoned by the melaka's celaka...huh..cant help it...we are foreigners..we didnt know the parking lot had to paid (there were no machine or any other sort of payment thingy)...baka yaro!

JB JB JB..lalala....on the way...we were stopped by police at the roadblock...i wonder why...even the singaporean in front of us got away...but us?
"Ni orang baek2 atau jahat ni?", one of the policemen asked us (the one with a sub machine gun with him)...of course la we say we are good ppl...but they dont actually believed that..wtf?
So they told us to get out of the car..gave our ICs away for checkups..and they even checked our bags in the trunk..haizz...what a bad day...arrived at 8+++....waited for ikram achap near the zon...as that was the only landmark im familiar with..hehe...at first we're planning to stay in Sri Malaysia...but the rate was rm180 per nite...so we decided to crash at achap's....
(2nd time for me..maluu seyy!!)
not much in jaybee...did the same thing..dota...won a game with ikram and si jaguh jari...then lost to the cina...who paid the cc fee for us..hahahaha....thanks ..
the next day...we let aizat date with some-of-u-know-who...while me and amir shops in the zon...
supposedly it was an unlucky or lucky day...aizat met with ferd (he ran away when he saw me...ya he hates me) ...and we (me achap and amir) ...accidently saw ferd's cous...bard or bart or something la...luckily he didnt saw us..hahahahaha...we watched kung fu panda that day (im panda!) ..laughed and laughed...it was damn funny n stooooopid..:P

At nite..me and amir went back first by bus as i had to rush back to klang ...the end.........

Cant wait for my next journey... ^_^

Summer Splash

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Summer splash...
i dont even know this thing existed until i got the tickets from quiksilver last month..or last 2 months.. :)
Wasnt thinking of goin actually ..but..after being asked / forced / whatever it is by v , uree and some others...i decided to go...and luckily yoe is willing to tagged along ...phew..got frens...
the day finally came...and oh..the day b4 i went and buy a pair of shorts (yeah i like to waste money..wtf?) ...for that splashy things...and for future use in brunsfield swimming pool..i guess..
reached at sunway around 1.30pm...damn i thought we were late...cos everyone were queing up at the entrance (luckily we went at the rite entrance)...so me and mirul potong , cilok and do whatever it takes to get in front ...hahaha...and after an hour or less..we got in! Wait wait..where're the others? Texted vina and suprisingly she's not even thru yet...haizzzzzz...
so we lepak2...smoke (eventho it says not to smoke)...take some pics...and waited ..and waited...and waited...but i guess vina n uree cudnt get thru at all...only got to meet shahira and ninie...(ninie was late too..)..well...the partay was quite boring without frens...but we do enjoy the things on stage..and the 'view'..if u know what i mean.. :)
So that's it..summer splash...a place of sin...T.T

The day when all things goin up!

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Wtf omg! Was lepak-lepaking at mirul's house after having fun at AC..suddenly saw this news on the tv... Harga Minyak Naik..aiya....another raise? Fuck off la!
All of us rushed down and went to rafi (yaa...must eat first hahaha)...then mirul drove his car (with us inside)...to the nearest petrol station..but the brunsfield petronas was full of cars...so brilliantly i suggested, "Jom TTDI..aku bajet tak ramai orang sana"....and foolishly all of us went there....so what happened? Boom! Many cars were queing up to buy fuel there also...hahaha..so we waited for like hours just to get to the pump...and after all the hush hush...mirul sent us back..and aizat drove back to kl along with me and izat...upon arrival they went to the petrol station to refuel while i sit back at home relaxly onlining myself xD hahahahahahah
Viva rock petrol! GO NGV! I bet many other stuffs will be much more expensive after this..hahahahaha