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Genting Genting Genting!!!!!

Friday, June 05, 2009

After planning and failing for how many sems (since 2nd sem) .. we finally get our chance to go to Genting Highland..thanks to Epa who sold us some tickets..
still...there are many who didnt come along..(mirul laa paling sial..ajak p kata takda dwet..ari sebelom tu bole ja makan kat Williams rm42 macidai!)

The journey began...i woke up late as i was doing many2 things the day before..(servicing car etc)...so sampai2 kat rafi bistro everyone was waiting for moi..the big boss..V.I.P.

After pekena teh o ais + 2 half boiled eggs..the 'couples' car went off first..while me , yaz , elfina, aya wait for my car to be cleaned nearby..
as soon as its done, i drive as fast as i could straight to kl,then to karak..but on the way...the ever-worry Aizat asked me to buy a few gas tanks for him because he's afraid on top of genting there are no fuel station.."Ridiculous!"
so i had to stop and bought 3 tanks and clean it up ..took me almost an hour for all the process..and aizat can call me "Lu mana bai? kitorang da start maen da kat atas".. WTF?? "Gua beli tong minyak lu la cibai!!!!"

Upon arrival at the peak..the girls were screaming.. "Sejuk gilaaa!!! Seronoknye!!! Waweeewoooo!!!!" , like crazy...
for me...i thank God as there is no sign of mist anywhere..if not..it would have been quite difficult for me to drive.. (2 times went to genting during misty and rainy day)..

One of the screamers/shouters

goin up is one problem..then to look for parking is another..luckily we got one near the hotel...so apalagi...park n MOVE IT MOVE IT!! yeah..letih sia drive..40km / hour...
we went straight to the ticket changing booth and trade our tickets for the wrist pass..searched for the couples and found them buying foods at one stall...they challenged us all to board the Space Shot..and me..as an alien who afraid of nothing but cockroaches-and-anything-insects-with-legs-that-can-fly (ooops!) with gaya ala2 Padaiyappa went straight to the thing. Space shot my ass..i've been to many galaxies in my life (watching futurama le) ..

See the eager look in my face? Lmao!

looking bored

Aya konon2 buat peace..padahal dia la paling kuat jerit

"here it goes"

i survived the 'boring' space shot easily ... zat..gua tak gentar la..hak ptuih!

then..the girls wanted to play the swinging things..i didnt so do fiqar n aizat..as the thing looks childish (the real reason is that the seat looks unfit for us hunks with tough ass xD)

The Hunks

The Karos

Pemintak sedekah berjaya!

Masa ni blum kapel lagi ek..adik akak lagi waakakak

1 picture with thousands of words

Gay bole, nyah pon bole, aku tetap aku haippp!!!

Rogol di khalayak ramai!

Ha ni la benda bodoh aku cakap tu

then we went for the next excitement..eat! haha...after goin to space we got hungry (especially the hungry monster yazmin) ..so we went nearby to buy some food..i wanted nasik lemak ayam but it was sold out...damnit! bihun pon bihun laa..

Hat stealers!

after that..i personally suggested we take a ride on the monorail which is 'fast' moving .. we went for a tour around the land and set our goals on which to board next...we got separated in different stomach parts of the caterpillar but its okay..we can still communicate through the openings..

___Put captions here____

The thing i hate the most is..that almost everything we want to do must start with long queing..haizzz....school holidays sucks!

Yazmin azminuddin with "jakunized" face in toilet

Konon la nak lompat..haa

Haa..bergaya camni kan lagi macho

Credit to brader iguana

Brader iguana

XoXo.... Dildo girls!

Then when the girls were riding cups of ribena or something..the guys went to the show-me-what-you-got booths..fiqar n me tried tossing coins but failed..then i ask the brader. "Bro, sni ada shooting tak?" .. Brader : "Ada ada...lu naek atas..tu sana ada shotgun shooting punya ma"..
so we went..n it wasnt shotgun mofo..it was rifle..or maybe shotgun? dono la...
as a sharpshooter in CS...i dont let myself down n shot down the whole thing and won a green bear..which was 'stolen' by elfina..hahahaha..and aizat got the blue one for his beloved...fiqar..hmm..cube lagi yek...muehehe

Lepas penat menembak..haih..lantak la nak amek gamba pejadah ke..aku lapar..concentrate on eating my maggi bowl (aya kedekut maggi cup..nah hamek aku beli bowl terus!)

Detik2 'tuuut'

A guy with karos under the moonlight

Relaxx brooo

Narathiwat..ha tu la patung yg aku menang!

nasib elle lepas

Before the horrifying Flume Boat Ride

Sumpah la...the most horrifying rides were the flume boat..haha..because the only safety it has is the steel bars besides us which we had to hold tightly to avoid being tossed away from the boat..darn! Luckily blakang got tanker..but in front me..a litle elf who was lucky to pass the height test..haiz..tak sampai hati nak himpit mcm tanker kat belakang a.k.a fiqar. (wahahaa)... habis maen basah lenjun wa cakab luuu! Macam cibai

well...the blog will continue once i got the pictures from everyone else.. Yazmin!!! mana gambar!!!????

to be continued....


she said...

seems like u guys had a lot of fun!
tgh try sedaya upaya utk tidak jealous, haha.

Pais パイス said...

hahaha...sakit pinggang ada la..tapayah jeles...

sesiape pun said...

cb.. aku xde ah risau mane sgt..
tp dah tnye2 sume org ckp atas thu tade minyak(termasuk la lu yg tnye sepupu lu ke ape..)terpaksa ah ann..?

p/s: lu duk kat space shot tutup mate takut.. boring la sgt..

Pais パイス said...

hahaha lu risau cakab risau la beb..
gua tada cakab pon atas tu takda ..n lepas gua tnya kazen gua pon gua xda cakap kat lu pon ... so bkn salah gua la hahaha..gua tutup mata sebab ngantok bosan ok? \o/

E l f i n a said...

kaw panggil aku little elf
kau rindu x patung ijau thu?
ta boleh