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Summer Splash

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Summer splash...
i dont even know this thing existed until i got the tickets from quiksilver last month..or last 2 months.. :)
Wasnt thinking of goin actually ..but..after being asked / forced / whatever it is by v , uree and some others...i decided to go...and luckily yoe is willing to tagged along ...phew..got frens...
the day finally came...and oh..the day b4 i went and buy a pair of shorts (yeah i like to waste money..wtf?) ...for that splashy things...and for future use in brunsfield swimming pool..i guess..
reached at sunway around 1.30pm...damn i thought we were late...cos everyone were queing up at the entrance (luckily we went at the rite entrance)...so me and mirul potong , cilok and do whatever it takes to get in front ...hahaha...and after an hour or less..we got in! Wait wait..where're the others? Texted vina and suprisingly she's not even thru yet...haizzzzzz...
so we lepak2...smoke (eventho it says not to smoke)...take some pics...and waited ..and waited...and waited...but i guess vina n uree cudnt get thru at all...only got to meet shahira and ninie...(ninie was late too..)..well...the partay was quite boring without frens...but we do enjoy the things on stage..and the 'view'..if u know what i mean.. :)
So that's it..summer splash...a place of sin...T.T


she said...

really happy dpt jumpe korg, cos i was alone n having a major breakdowns. thnx yaw sbb tego i n lepak with me yestrday.