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Happy Father's Day

Sunday, June 15, 2008

It is Father's Day today..

Dad,...thank you for everything you've done for me (eventho its not much compare to what mom have done..) ..i really appreciate it...
And thanks...for acknowledging me all the time when we were together..
Thanks..for the memories that we had..
Im really sad when u left us for another woman...sadly..yes..and to be truthful..i kinfd of hated u for what u've done...but i hated the woman much much more for what she's done..not to me..but to mom...why? Isnt she beautiful enough for u? Didnt she treated u well enough? Were us a big burden to u?
I dont know u that well since we were left when i was a small baby..so i dont feel much...but deep in my heart i wanted to be like other kids...having a father who would care for them..but i just couldnt..i guess...
But dad...what i dont know is..why..? When i was just getting close to u...u left me again..I've lost u twice..why? This time i know why...because God love u more than i do...
Eventhough u are not here with me anymore..your memories remains...thanks for everything dad...I'm proud to be your SON! I just hope u'll be fine 'there' and will always pray for you...THANK YOU.

Your Son


sarah said...

ur such a sweet son!..do u know dat! =DD

sha- simplehearted said...

paes..tharu sgt! jg mak baik2 ok=)