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Penang 2nd Tour

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Once again...we went to the north...foe what? no particular reasons xcept sending achap to his beloved nawal...plus i wanted to see my friend from the net (Torncity to be exact)...
This time its a bit different..where we dont drive my kenari..we drove BMW 3 series compact woo.. haha

Patsy and me

Look at Yeye's hand..as if he's wanking double handed xD
And achap...the reason his sweater at his waist is becos his butt was basah...

Berpura2 rajin bace...

Near gurney plaza..

We watched Incredible Hulk at Gurney Plaza ..it was muuuch better than the previous Hulk..

The next day me achap and kirin had 5 matches of DotA (again) with Rudy and his bro n fren...we won 4 games and lost once...heheheheeh taiping taiping...
that's all about the trip