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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Wtf omg! Was lepak-lepaking at mirul's house after having fun at AC..suddenly saw this news on the tv... Harga Minyak Naik..aiya....another raise? Fuck off la!
All of us rushed down and went to rafi (yaa...must eat first hahaha)...then mirul drove his car (with us inside)...to the nearest petrol station..but the brunsfield petronas was full of cars...so brilliantly i suggested, "Jom TTDI..aku bajet tak ramai orang sana"....and foolishly all of us went there....so what happened? Boom! Many cars were queing up to buy fuel there also...hahaha..so we waited for like hours just to get to the pump...and after all the hush hush...mirul sent us back..and aizat drove back to kl along with me and izat...upon arrival they went to the petrol station to refuel while i sit back at home relaxly onlining myself xD hahahahahahah
Viva rock petrol! GO NGV! I bet many other stuffs will be much more expensive after this..hahahahaha