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Last day exam...

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Phew! Yesterday was my last paper for this (i mean last) sem...it was sucky!!! I studied until 5 am in the morning and slept only for a bit then went to do the xm..to found out that most of the questions are not even close to what i've read! :( T.T
After knowing that...i just did what i have to do...HANTAM SAJALAH!
Im even more frustrated seeing Yaz came out first and beated me.. sigh...
anyway..after that..had to go to KL Sentral..sent Veeenaaa there ..she's meeting some bunch of kids there..upon arriving , "Bye la Bye"....nt even belanja me sundae or thnks..hahahaha
well..then i bought some meals at mcD ..chiow~ drove as fast as i could to meet the others at ss7 Pak Li Kopitiam...but hell...i arrived first whereas im the farthers...slow la korang ni!!
Eat eat eat...sembang2..then all berpecah...i went back to bruns..the rest i dont know..aizat went dating with fatin...somewhere..
and kirin brrowed my beloved kenari and went out with elfina tajul ariffin...(ingat aa kirin bmw sebulan)..
dota and movies alone at home after kirin and amir went off..
then at nite..went out with *******n****** to watch movie..watched long khong 2...bleh..not scared at all...only sleepy...after that went to Aimar Char Kuey Teow in TTDI...back home after sending the guest...boom..sleep till morning...weee
ps: I am happy!