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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Hmm...after terengganu..went to jaybee (JB = Johor Bharu)...was an awesome xperience as i nver been at that side of malaysia yet since i was born..well..i never been to the north part of west coast msia too...many places havent been to yet...^_^ ...that's why i decided to take a tour (Chuti2 msia yeah!)

Gamba kat Sayam..the rumored famous place in JayBee..

The zon..place where no tax ..and the club where 'F' always goes to..as rumored laah

Can see the zon from sayam..it's quite near..and danga bay also near...
when i first arrived...achap , aiman and ikram pick me n yeye at Larkin Bus Station ..whoaa..first time ever got to ride ikram's AE Saga.. xD..and first song was Mustapha by Queens..from there we went straight to sayam..along the way they showed us around...showed us where the MRs race tracks are...not like in kl..which is Bulatan Pahang.. (notes: MR = Mat Rempit / anep? haha)
At sayam..i ordered nasik goreng pattaya (as usual)...and..a special drink that is rumored (again sigh!) only can be obtained in JB...and what is it? Milo Tabor! .....at first..i was xcited..wonder what kind of drink i'll get...but then..when it arrives..hahaha..it's just plain milo with more milo dust on top of it as decorations...
ikrambobshah told me if milo godzilla and whatever-else-he-said-i-forgot...it will be much better than the tabor...jhahahaha...really..johorians got some sense of humor..
well after we had our dinner..we went sightseeing again..this time along danga bay..they said from danga bay we can see singapore and its true..and what more..we can see people making out (buat hal laa) there..it is rumored (again hahahaha xD) many rushed there..i mean.like JAIS / PAIS in selangor.. (Jabatan Agama Islam Selangor / Pejabat Agama Islam Selangor [or me Pais xD])

then after sending us back to achap's house...ikram and aiman went back..
we went out again after taking a short nap and bathe ala kadar..
this time went to habib/osman.. i forgot xD...
and lastly..as usual la.. MENDOT / mendota..@ GIGA...weird cc.. RM2.20 per hour..why need the 20 cents????? hahahahaha
at around 4:30 we went back home (to achap house of course)..and oh..forgot to mention..achap's house is near the Kicap Chap Kipas Udang owner house..very big house indeed and luxurious...even their cars..phew!

The Kipas Udang owner's house

Next day,
after sending ikrambobshah to Larkin Bus Station..achap brought us to CS..City Square...because yeye/kirin wanted to buy some shirt as he brought only 3 shirts , 1 shorts, and 1 jeans..haha damn you..
there...he 'cocok' duit and bought a Padini Authentic shirt..
we also merendek (jalan2) in there sightseeing..and i was really attracted to see the F1 racing team (Honda) ...

Hot Honda chick!

Coffee Bean in CS

"Pak cik tu hari2 tipu orang je keje dea" - Achap

City Square's top floor food court's view and a hungry person face

Roads in JB

3 stooges and a bangla stesen petronas..hahaha

After that..around 6pm...we went to danga bay again..this time walking...not only sightseeing from the car windows...
saw a lot of things..including what i call Keretapi Bodoh n Basikal Bodoh (not to be rude but i found it stupid hahaha)..there was even a theme park there..a mini zoo..beach club and bla bla bla..

The rumored skodeng place

Paees Panda??

Then from danga bay we went to take aiman and lut..friends of achap..and went to Jusco Tebrau..which achap is so proud of.. xD
went walking and walking..but damn it! what a bad timing..i got my gastric there...moved so fast to find food..and found Papa Rotti..took a break and had my lunch at 8 something..hahah...then off to walk again ..
Phew..all the walking was a bit tiring...so off we go to have some food at LC Catering..where achap brag about the infamous Ayam Penyek and Puyuh Penyek there..so i did ordered ayam penyek as im not soo keen on eating puyuh...dont know what's the differences between ayam penyek and ayam goreng/bakar whatsoever there is..but it was good...deeeelicious!..the restaurant was quite clean and whatcha call it..classy!..at first..we were greeted by a guy with necktie which i thought was a salesman.. "Apa lak mamat ni sebok je..aku da lapar ni.." was what i had in mind..but then i realize he was the waiter there..hahahah


After..hehehehe poor bird

Aiman and Lut ...the first pic ..aiman was showing his food..ikan keli i guess..friendly and funny johorian..(ps: Aiman's father is Ayer Hitam's BN candidate and won majority 10k ..as achap told me..heheheheh xD)

Skipped 2 days as we only sleep and rest at achap's house...

Last day in JB..
went to a net cafe in Larkin..forgot what it's name was ...achap's friend..who i forgot to ask his name...want to do something there..about filling some online form or what and needed achap's help..as usual i onlined and checked ms / fs..
then i got down as my gastric from last 2 days still around...remembered that i talked to achap's mom earlier and she said soya bean is good for gastric..not milk..new info! Milk isnt good for gastric! What da hell...i've been drinking a hell lot of milk before whenever i got gastric pain...hahaha..thanks Achap's Mom!
When i got down from the cc..i saw this thing..a weird signboard..

A 25 hours open restaurant..wtf??!! where da hell did the 1 hour came from? Hahahaha Johorian's humor again!!!!

and lastly...at Larkin Station Bus again..achap and his friend sent us there and waited for the supposely 2:30pm bus to come..the bus came at 3pm..but hell..at least got the chance to borak2 a bit with them b4 we took off...

Achap's smile went off as soon as the camera snaps..haha was posing baekkk b4 that

A hot ah moy...same bus with us..hahaha..and she got same W850i like mine!

That's all about JB..hope to be there again later on cause im not satisfied enough..2 days wasted at home only!!!! Baaahhh
pS: all the candid was purposely done..if u think im a stalker..so be it..hahaha

Phew..1 hour ++++ to finished this post..thanks for reading!