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It's been a while since i went there...but hell yeah.. it was Port Dickson!

Monday, March 10, 2008

6th March 2008
On the last day of my final paper (Co-curriculum)...i didnt sleep at all..because the nite b4 i went crazy @ KL... merendek (ayat iffa ika) ...which means going around or something like jalan2...

Iffa and Ika @ Zul Yahya's Cafe...camera shy? Nahhhh!

Them again..this time at International Nasi Lemak

Went back to shah alam @ 7am...then start studying for the last paper..not much...just took a quick glance at the notes..then @ 12pm went for the paper...a little bit late..arrived at 12:15 i think...did the paper really fast and got out the first ..the first to MERDEKA!
Waited for everyone to come out and took pictures of them.. hahahaha

The earliest to got out..well..after me of course! :P
From left: Sherry(that's what i call her),Anu,Sera-qaim.

Vina..happy face. Independence day....who's not happy?

Sabran and Nana(i think)...happy faces too.. (^.^)

Hanis Aizat...happy or not? I dont know..maybe he's happy..but he just love to control his cool in front of the camera...kedediaq! Hahahaha

The owner of Malaysian Studies book...came to me as soon as i finish my paper...he wanted to use the book back for next sem...named Kai..

Happy FACES!!

Yeah! Mirul a.k.a Obama with smile on his face after finishing the last paper

Sarah and Elfina...Elle..is a cute girl..if u listen to her voice..it sounded as if she's still a child! (^.^)v jgn marah eh elle...

Izzut a.k.a velma? hohohoho

Qaim-sera showing his exam slip while smiling happily...

Last but not least...Nini...sorry others if i didnt put any of ur pictures here..

Hmm...all in all the exams went out smoothly eventhough i expect something's goin to happen because of the shah alam flood.. :P ..welll..im goin to forget about the exam for a while and enjoy my 1 month holiday! I know i wont be getting flying colours result..sigh...holiday...thanks for coming!

That evening..i went back to Brunsfield and packed my things.. Kirin and Anep were out to Sunway ..(Kirin had to go there to send his BMW for repairs) ..waited for them to come back..then we rendezvous with Yaz and the gang at Petronas station..vrooommm..off we go to PD..eh...stopped by my house at Klang first..then to PD!

During the journey to PD...we went through a lot of troubles....firstly..i myself is too tired...havent slept for days! Hahahaha...
Then..we stopped at Sepang tol (i guess) ...something happened there which panicked (haha not really) ...everyone..Sapek panickally (is dis correct?) and repeatedly said he was bitten or something..( "Aku rasa aku terpijak taring!" ) ...at first i just ignored what he said...me and ikram went back to the car after goin to the toilet..then when we start moving...aizat suddenly overtake my car and said, "Gi spital! Sapek kena gigittt..dia demam2!"
So...all of us followed Aizat's car which is leading us....damn you aizat...drive so fast ...i know la your car is a fast car...lek lek ah!...
The journey there was quite bumpy...and we saw something we shouldnt ...a flying thing..i can see that it was an owl...but ikram insist on saying that it is a vampire/pontianak and kept shouting repeatedly "Jangan tegor dowh...sumpah x manthab" ...gelabah siot mamat ni...hahahaha..i think he's acting..along the way we 'kibar' the BN flags (2) that we took from the sideroad b4..hehhhhhhh....yeah baby~
After quite a long journey...we suddenly saw the signboard "Port Dickson" ..huh? thought we were goin to the hospital first..then when we arrived at somewhere...stopped..Sapek jumps out of the car and went to the clinic by himself...not so sick eh?
Achap and xema went to Secret Recipe by themselves and left us...so..as usual...we took pictures!

Movin again...on the way to our hotel...saw a weird Parti Politik..Payung! hahahahaha

We stopped at Sahmuri Sate Kajang..(whatt?? Sate Kajang in Port Dickson?) because aizat said he wanted to eat there..so we just followed...no rice..no lauk pauk..sigh..i ordered 20 cucuk ayam for me and kirin...sapek dgn cool ordered 30 chickens 10 meats...blanja aizat and izat only.. -_-
then aizat and izat went to the toilet...after so long they texted me saying they went to 'riki' = usya/looking out for the hotel we will spend the nite in later ...
but actually..they went and eat somewhere else because they felt it's not satisfying to eat only sate...what the fuck??? aizat was the one who wants to eat there then they left us eating only sate???? (haha bocor rahsia korang..) .... diri ikan betul la..

After that...huh...went straight to search for whatever hotel there is...and found the TM hotel..luckily got Aizat who is a son of Telekom Malaysia's employee...after kawtim2 we got the biggest suite there for rm200+++ ...we split the sum to everyone ...
wah..this is my first time ever staying in a suite like this..(if by myself i dont think i could afford it)...
Sapek and aizat were like crazy kids jumping on the bed and saying that the bed are theirs...sigh..whatever la...im not sleeping anyway...past my sleeping time already...
We hang around the living room ..playing guitar...chat...watching tv (with astro)...took pictures..blablabla

Achap the nyah. hahahahaha

That nite...we were so bored and hungry...we decided to take a walk out and search for food...luckily the restaurant opposite the hotel was still open..went there..only kirin and me have meals..the rest only having drinks...^_^
There were a group of Mat Rempits which were very annoying..because they played jiwang2 songs loudly using handfon..dey...korang ingat korang je ada fon ah? F.U!

X mandi n x salin baju da lama da mamat baju oren ni

Oh yeah..when we got back..the girls said they wanted to sightseeing at the beach...but suddenly Elle fainted..because she hadnt eat yet..haissh..kokodomo!
Everyone panicked and let her rest...

So we divided into two..i had to go and teman the few girls and 2 other guys to the beach... >.>..just because many Rempits were wandering around there...haizz..then don go out la if scared!!!! :P

Back at suite after that..another problem arised...Yaz was attacked by athma...luckily the air suam could heal her back...since she forgot to bring her puffer...huh
Well..enough about the every little detail things....the next day...we went swimming in the hotel's swimming pool...

after that..we packed our things and started our journey back to shah alam...
on the way we stopped by the R&R Seremban...

...aizat along with ijat and sapek left us at the R&R and went back first because he's bored driving with the slowpokes like us..
we went back driving and arrived after an hour and a half...think so..phew....at last rest time!