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The days in ganu...

Monday, March 10, 2008

Went to terengganu by kirin's car...BMW Compact...kirin and I gilir2 drive...was quite tiring...departed @ 1.30am..arrived at 7am...whoa! :P
The first day..i took a picture of me wearing BN's shirt just a mimic to Iffa Ika's..hahaha

not much to say..only these pics...when i went to see the new Crystal Mosque..and Taman Tamadun Islam...which both not complete yet...

Perasmian..same date with my birthday! 8th February 2008!

And some random pictures i took....

BN sweets??

Is this how to spell Keychain? Keycin..hahahaha

Kirin and Me in M3.

M3 Interior.

M3 from back.

AC Schnitzer...5 series/M5...