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26th March 2008

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

A good day..i guess..stayed in kl (after saying good bye to mom yesterday)...went for pool games with ijat aizat amir sapek and ikram bob shah...team plays...won 2 times..forward forward forward...slept at keramat..woke up..went to 'riki' the spray booth/car spray place @ keramat area...all around rm1600-2000 for a full body spray...including ketuk2..so hampa...picked up aizat..went and 'riki' @ sri rampai area...the place aizat told me want to do it for RM2300 and around 2 weeks to be done...haishh...gave up for a while..sent my cousin back home then picked up ijat...pool again! luckily..i won 7 games..ijat won 5 games..and aizat won 1 game.. wee.. (haha this is actually the main purpose of this blog post)..meleret2 lak! lahanat~~ hahaha..then we went to Brothers..i bought 2 new back speaker for my 'wife'..at first it was Kenwood..then it wont fit..changed to JVC..quite nice lah...the sound quality is different...and worse..i got to know the speaker i bought b4 @ RM80 was actually only RM25 there @ Brothers! !#@!R!@#%B@#@WDGWY!@#$!~#@!%#