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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

hmmmm...it's out finally...although i went thru lots of trouble to get it..
didnt sleep well last nite (2 hours or less only)..woke up early and take a short bath..then straight to msu...got number 1012 a.k.a 12..but after waiting and waiting while having stomach ache..the clerk told me i need to pay rm600 for the registration and in order to get my results.. >.> ..told her i'll be back soon and dont want to que up again ..so drove off to tesco extra and withdrawed the lum sum..
went here and there and finally got my results..what i got? just 2.68 pointer..not 3 T.T ...a bit sad and also happy...sad because many of my friends got above 3..happy because i passed all and don need to see the lecturers that i dont admire much anymore..yippeee...
back to brunsfield..continued hibernating..when i woke up..feeling soooo frustrated and sad..donno why..2 of my housemates went back to their kampung already..eventho they have classes tomorrow..(i have too!)..called my mates..for dota..and here i am at STDN..after a month havent been here...jeez..wonder who the lecturers for tomorrow and what are the subjects..