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Sunday, November 11, 2007

oooh...been busy busy busy again...(with craps..hahaha)
hm..and oh...finally it arrive!! the letter from japan which i've been waiting (actually it arrives a week or 2 weeks ago..forgot to mention it..heheheh..thank you nureen! Today..last day at cc...had few games of Dota with sapek..tonite goin back to klang..and later to shah alam...it's been a month of holiday...which sucks..idk why..but it sucks! haiz.....i wonder if anyone changed within this short month??? weeee....just hope get good results...and hope more $$$$ coming ...im running out of cash..just like my shirt says.. "Im sooo broke that i cant even pay attention!" v(^.^)v ..that's all...time is up..5 hours in cc..whoohoooo