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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Nothing much happened today (17th nov 2007 / Saturday) ...just normal routine...woke up..took a shower..went out to eat...nasik lemak international...followed aizat to damansara (near opah cho's house) ..to take his maid's passport..
later at nite went out to TBUN CC ...but disappointed..because the whole cc (with 200 or more pcs) was fully booked..so we went to Buzz or blitz cafe nearby..at malinja..playd some games and went back home in a hurry cos i got stomach ache...on the way saw an accident...
and oh..btw ...i just got the news yesterday about AbangLong..abanglong serdang..my old Ragnarok online buddy...he died in an accident about a week ago...i confirmed it with his gf or fiancee...its sad..because he contacted me @ myspace just a few months ago and really2 asked me to study hard...i was really sad thinking about it back.. T.T