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First Date...

Monday, November 05, 2007

Wohooo..last nite went to 3 open houses.. (bloated..burppp)
and was thinking of goin sishaing..but it seems a friend of mine..didnt want to go..cos of his first date on the next day ..which is today (nov 5th)..
So i planned this thing..kacau them! >:)
For that i woke up early (11 am..hahaha) ..and rush rush to KLCC ..but unluckily they werent there..they went to MidValley..haizzzz
nvm lo..so i go walking around in klcc..then go to KL Sentral..bought 3 shirts..which costed me rm10x3..soo happy~~!
just got back home at about 4:30 pm..that 'first dater' called me..and invite me to lepak2 at jumma..yeah..the legendary 'ane' egg of JUMMA!..hahahahaha..
shockingly he was driving his gf's car..and brought her along..there was silence when we arrived..i cannot act fooolishly like i always did bcos don wan to make my fren shameful ..heheh..anyway..asked them how they felt..they said okay~..good luck on the rest of the relationship.!!..time for DOTa..kapish!


Wan Fakhruz said...
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nawanine said...

letak ar gamba org 1st date tu..
letak gambar die lak..