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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Its been a year, or maybe more, since i last came to this state. I've been dying to come here and visit the old places,eat the things i've always eat, and do many other things,...including having reunion with my fellow primary school classmates.

After all, this place has half of my current age memories. I lived here for almost 10 years (now im 20, so it is 1/2 of my age)

And so it began, the journey back to Terengganu. I drove all the way from Brunsfield - Rafi Bistro - Digital Mall - Karak Highway - LPT. After few hours of driving i began to lose vision...i was sleepy! Plus, there was no people/cars on the highway..and it was really foggy that nite. Because i couldnt hold my eyes much longer..i've decided its time to switch..so i woke kirin up. Finally,..phew.i can relax a bit....
its been a while since i last have a long distance driving....im too old for this..lmao

Nothing much, ...we arrived in KT at about 2am ..went to eat..then arrived at kirin's house at around 3am

The journey was tiring and boring. Because all the way only two of us in the car, and only i was singing to the song. Hahaha..kirin was snoring like hell

I went to almost all places i felt like to. Met people who i used to meet a lot of times... eg: abang jual kopok... he still remember us...im so glad...
and my stomach...was shocked by all those stuff i havent eat for long time (kopok lekor mainly) ... dang... my stomach hurts..but i bare with it till the next day it vanishes itself.. :D

Oh ya, many things seems to have changed around here...like...many one-way road is opened (or two ways become one way)...

Nevertheless, its still the same old KT which i love..except for one thing..it's becoming into 2nd K.Lumpur. The traffic..!@#!##!...jam jam jam? no more peaceful roads in terengganu..haizzzzz

Anyway, that's for the update so far..i think i've got lots of stuff before..but forgot already...

PS: I'm GAY now.. lolllsssss

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