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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Its 12:46 am and its Eid Adha today!
I've just arrived in Dato' Keramat , K.Lmpur and finally got to on9 myself. Phew! (Damn im addicted to the NET!)

My first thing is CW. Then i across some blog posts..including one of my classmate's...saying things about her new class (TESL Bachelor)...oh yea..im taking Bachelor in Education (TESL) now..hoorayyy!!! means its tougher...and much much more challenging....

She was saying that she's frustrated with the overcrowded class and having to sit behind 30 heads..lmao..
As for me... i dont care much about that...except that it's all becoming like when i first came here as a diploma student...

I have this thing,weakness..where its hard for me to communicate or get to know NEW people or be friendly to them, unless, they make the effort first. So, there it goes, being alone..again..like i was before.
Luckily this time i have my other 7 friends from same cohort..and a friend (senior) who introduced me to KUTPM at first...hoorayyy for her to! Until today...i've known the senior, Raja Nurul Izah for about..hmm...5-7 years? or more? lols.

This weakness, i have to overcome it..but how ah? Anyone help me??
Im just scared and too stiff to make conversations...even with guys?? Plus, i feel inferior (is it the right word?) to them...and i feel like they dont care about me at all (haha of course they dont) ... like i dont exist at all... damn! how can i manage to present in front of these 'aliens' ????? Im gonna have troubles and stomach aches.

Oh God, pls help me.

Happy Eid Adha to all muslims!