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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

1. The nickname given by your beloved ones
Ahmad Nabaish
Felisha (my mom wanted a girl soo much)

2. You are..

Hard headed, lazy, Wicked Sick!, DotA lover, single.

3. Someone special, what makes that individual to special in your point of view

When i see her or him special unlike others...?

4. My favourite food

Malay, Indian, Western, Thai, Minang

5. Favourite colour

Black, green, sometimes blue or dark blue

6. Favourite song(s) [for now]

Beirut - Postcards from Italy , Nevershoutnever - Big City Dreams, Jason Mraz - Life is Wonderful

7. People's attitude that makes u stress

persuasive people

8. 3 things that u must have in ur handbag

dont have handbag...

9. the last time u cried for real and badly, why?
donno..maybe when my father died?

10. Tag 6 of your friends
- Yazmin
- Sha
- Anep
- Belle
- Elle