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Friday, July 25, 2008

On Thursday evening..when it began...
I was (as usual) surfing the net...watching my ym and msn list for things..which i dont know of..and suddenly...a friend of mine pmed me.
This was the conversation (not 100% accurate but kinda like this)

Her: Hey.
Her: Bodo nye aku.
Me: Huh? Nape lak?
Her: Takpe la..malu la nak cite
Me: Alaah...story je..pe cer?
Her: Tolong aku...
Me: Aaa..pe dia?
Her: Hm..smalam...kitorang pegi damansara...konon ada majlis ipts..tp sebnarnye luxor.
Me: AaaA???? Luxor? Memang sial Luxor tu..selalu tipu orang utk tarik orang datang.
Her: Tu la...n aku da bagi laptop aku kat akak tu...
Me: Biar betol???? Da tu camana?
Her: Da mintak..tp dorang cakap laptop ada kat orang atasan..kene tunggu orang tu free baru leh dapat. Camne ni?? Aku macam taknak join da luxor.
Me: Err....sape akak tu?
Her: Satu course ngan housemate aku..
Me: Da tu mintak je la!?
Her: Tak dapat.
Me: Bak sini nombo ngan nama dia..aku call
Her: Nah .. (she typed the number but i wont post it here due to privacy)
Me: Ok...tak pon pegi jumpe je senang..jap aku nak tanya membe aku yg tau sket pasal Luxor ni.
Her: Ok
Me: Elo? Hmm..membe aku suh call n gegar sket minah tu..amacam?
Her: Takper la...apa kata nanti ada meeting aku bawak ko skali? Ko nyamar laa...macam orang nak masuk luxor?
Me: Aaa..ok je..ada nanti kasitaw la..

So ... the next day..she told me that a meeting will be held tonite at Warong Opah (where the hell is it i dont even know!)

That day...i went helping Amirul renewing his driving license at Padang Jawa (near Klang) ..it was quite tiring...i was back at home at 6++ pm.. After a few minutes rest i get ready and went to 'her' house for that meeting...at first the luxor akak was supposed to be there at 8 but she didnt. I've waited for about an hour and went following that akak picking up other 'victims' of Luxor. Followed them and lastly knew that the Warong Opah is at Bukit Jalil..wtf! So far away and i only filled up the tank for like rm10 and it was Kirin's BMW (2.0 Litre) ...on the way..i followed 2 crazy Kancil female drivers..they change lanes like crazy and drive like crazy! Out of desperation i cut off one of the Kancil..but she seems not satisfied with that and quickly cut me off again...huh...these people crazy la!
After that they went crazy again...and i was like sesat..so i steadily went to the petrol station...filled up for rm40 (to be sure to have lots of fuel) ...buy some food as i was hungry and angry...and continued the journey..

we arrived there at the warong at around 11pm...and i was like..what the hell..im the only guy?
Then i realized there are lots of others....i ordered kuey teow pattaya but got rice instead...and had to pay for it! I thought they were gonna pay for me...haiz..k that fu**ed off already...after eating..i went to a mamak restaurant nearby to buy some cigs...and i heard some ppl there saying .. "Ni mesti orang luar...sombong je gaya"... another thing happened to me...fuck im cursed this nite! I smoked to relieve myself but then we were asked to go outside with chairs (like back then in school)...and i had to listen to their crap bragging for like 3 hours...
All they talked were about their achievement of getting own asset (cars , houses etc)
and that is success to them. Huh..it seems they are blinded by wealth after all. I wished to say a lot of things to them but just couldnt do it.

After that..at about 3am...we asked for the laptop but had to wait some more time as they are having private meeting. So we did. After an hour...they finally called my friend but forbid me to come along.
I waited again!
Because of tiredness and boredom..plus hatred and angry..i went interrupting their 'discussion' ... 'politely' hehehe...

Me: Assalamualaikum! (they looked at me shockingly)
Me: Abang..abang..kakak...mintak maaf ganggu...tp nak tanya ni...ada apa masalah lagi?
Luxorian: Ni takda kaitan ngan ko..ni hal family kami.
Me: (thinking to myself) ..wtf? Takda kaitan? Aku duk sini tunggu sampai 7 jam kaw kata takda kaitan? Babi lu!
Me: Ooo..tp saya esok ada kelas so saya nak balek cepat..da 4 am ni.
Luxorian: Aa...kejap lagi.

I went away angrily but i hid it ...and i dont know why..my fists were trembling...
Then i decided to call a friend...asking his opinion.
He told me... "Lu gerak je..tinggal je dia kat situ..lu da tunggu lama tp still nak borak2 lagi apa nye?" ..but i just couldnt...
So still wait for them to finish..i could see that she, my friend..was brainwashed by those 3 'taksub' ppl...

After a while..around 4++... she came ..empty handed...and what i guessed was right..she gave in and continue being a luxorian. End. I dont know what to say anymore but im just a bit disappointed and very sad for what happened.
Luxor sure is cunning to cheat people into joining and mostly youngsters who are easily blinded for wealthness... FUCK THEM!
I got back home at around 5:30 am after sending the friends back home...and sleep at around 6++ am...
Because of that i missed 2 classes with one of the class that have quiz that day... T.T

Phew..siap gak blog ni...eventhough i find it very weird to complain on a blog but i guess i am like that...call me girlish or what i dont care... thank you and the end.