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Outing with the crajis!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Me , achap , nawal


Hohohoh...finally...got the chance to hang out with the crazy (if that really what craji means) apan zhafran and raasi ureeeya. Actually..the beginning of that day i wasnt planning of that at all...i was actually awaken to send a friend of mine, an ex-schoolmate, Pojang, to Damansara. He was meeting someone by the name Fauzi there (from what i gathered he is one of the Hijjaz singer) .... so that's it..after goin thru some hassle..i sent him and missed my first class...and it was 'agama' class! T.T
To make up my sorrowfulness (lmao puma!) ..i texted the Vina and asked her out .. and oh..b4 that i passed by Cineleisure and overheard an ads at Hitz.fm about it..which made me eager to go there...so i asked Vina and some friends laah...unlucky me many turned me down due to money , emotion, no-mood (duh!) problems. But my housemate, achap called me and said he wanna follow...so me,vina,achap, and along the way picked up achap's mistress, Nawal Ereena ..yeah..its Nawal..not awal..or any other things u said, UREE! :P
Plus, achap is not half-Thai or high (whichever u said) ...
We reached there around 1pm and apureen (mixed of apan and uree) were already there waiting for us. As usual...me..the shy shy person..couldnt talk much..especially around not-so-close friends and speaking in a language that i have to process for few moments in my mind before i could say it out. (yes that's why im soo quite ekceli)

I was there to watch Hancock (translate into malay completely it means Tangankote. *srry for the obscenity) But the V was saying this, "You go watch Hancock with your friends and we (V,apan, and Uree) go watch Kung Fu Panda k?" .. i was like..huh? Ok..i dont want to watch kung fu panda again tho it was awesome.. dont want to waste my cash on something twice..

Hahhahaha..lucky me...kung fu panda was not showing anymore...too late guys! :P
So all of us bought the Hancock tickets which are for two hours more.
Then we went to Kluang Station (like kopitiam kot?) . I had buns (vvvvery delicious to me) .. and a whatcha call it coffee...

Then..due to my lackness of conversing ability..i tried to get away by smoking...so we went outside and split into two.. me-achap-nawal and v-apan-uree. Blablablabla go into the cinema, watch the funny and awesome Hancock...boom..went back home..
it was fun. The end. xD

This blog is not really a blog or journal..its just my diary for keeping my memories..i dont want to forget the moments i had...and oh... hi to my future me! :)