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Saturday, May 17, 2008

LAst nite...went out to Restoran Singgah Rasa..after a friend of mine (i call her Along forgot her real name)...called and said "Wey...tman aku..aku sorang ni makan kat singgah rasa"...i was like..oh ok...since i was damn hungry that time..so i took a short bath and invited amir kirin along....we went there (btw the restaurant is in annexe area)...upon arrival..."Korang ni bersiap ngalahkan pompuan la! Nak aku saman ko ke?", Along said to me...
bla bla bla..we chat chat chat while we are eating..and suddenly...we heard "Perompak!!! perompak!!! perompak!!" ...and i was like...huh? I looked at my back and saw a girl shouting and pointing....somewhere....Along and many other guys at the restaurant quickly jumped on their motorcycle to chase the robbers...leaving me (who was smoking steadily that time) and kirin and amir at the restaurant...well i was thinking of helping but im driving a car and cant run fast...u know la..how can a car chase motorcyclist unless at the highway~
So my heroic act was stopped laah..like that lah...after a while..along came back..the robbers were chased till the traffic light near politeknik shah alam (at first i thought there was only one person...and running...i was like..whoaa!! running from annexe to politeknik within short period of time!) ...his accompliance was actually waiting up front...ceh...stupid la..i thought he was athletic...skip skip skip
all in all...the girl (indian)..who was robbed...i dono her loss..what i know is her phone was stolen at first and she got it back but broken into pieces as it was dropped....pity her..

time to move out and have my brunch!