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Last nite outing..

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Sian dia sakit kaki,...thu la..kacau aku makan lagi! hahahaha

Bye2 sticker KUTPM..hello MSU!

Last nite...23/24th february gtu la...i was like..really tired mannn...since the day b4..i stayed up late to clear up things in my room(yeah the one in Klang)...cos almost all my comics and other stuffs got eaten by anai2 ...haiz! years of collections fucking gone!..and then after just a few hours sleep..i went driving myself,my mom,my brother, his wife and his son..to KL...was driving really fast as im deaaad tired! ...arrived there after 30 minutes..whoa..klang - kl = 30 minutes! :P
then i took a rest...at around 8pm..had to drive my cousin and aunt to the Sate stall...wah my favourite! ok ok i'll drive..heaven! eat and eat....realize that im getting bored..so i told my mom im going to shah alam back and stay there tonite...she gave me permission...thanks mom!
went back to shah alam to pickup the 2-kuat-mencarut-mengarut-byk-gossip girls from DMLT course..hahahaha..it is fun to go out with them and that's why i asked them to tagged along...we went to Jusco Bukit Raja and watch Vantage Point (is that the name?) anyway..the story aint that bad..xcept the rewinding part..fucking shit..im sleepy of all the rewinding back again and again! Phew..1:30 am...finished watching...KFC we go! After that to Brunsfield..take some tutorial from another dmlt which is my housemate's ...then sent them back to perdana...

3 am: back to my home not so sweet home...played 2 games of dota..1 win 1 loss..got to know from Bob that yaz's actually have blogs..wee...while was talking to Bob and replying to someone's sms..i fell asleep...
-The End-


† ikram shah † said...

haha sudah pandai sekarangggg.

パイス a.k.a paisu said...

hahaha rilek2 aah