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27th February...flood!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

B4 i started on the 27th event... these are the pics i took at rafi the day b4...met spongebob,bulat yg tak bulat, shahkir...heh

Candid from left : Bulat yg tak bulat, spongebob

Same caption as above


SHAH ALAM BANJIR????? 1 in A MILLION punya pasal!!!!

These are among the zillions of pictures i took during the flash flood...terbugilll!!!

The first picture shows how cool hanep was when we took a short break from all the traffic jams and meredah flood...heheh...look how silly ikram 'bob' shah and kirin was...kirin's bmw was having problems when we went thru the flood...3 times engine mapuh (ganu style) ..

As for the 2nd pic...this was a Wira..which bajet jaguh to go thru the high level flood (cecah paras lutut wa cakhab sama lu) ...just after a few metres...the car stopped..hahaha served u rite ! Bajet jaguh aaa??? Poor that chinese guy had to tolak his car back to the surface all on his own till someone came to help when he almost reached the goal..me and ikram didnt help cos we dont want to get ta'un and dirtied our clothes...hehehe...dont think we arent gentlemen or what mkay??

3rd pic? hm...when were lepaking at Perdana ..a police car stopped by next to us...diorang bukak myspace dlm kete ...daym it! sempat layan myspace thu! and the school van..cool lah...like amphibian car the van moves smoothly thru the flood not like the 'bajet jaguh' wira...hahahahaha

everything went crazy becos of the flood...even Rapid Bus dont want to lose to the rest of the communities...see how the bus tried to take a U-turn on a not-so-wide road and a one-way!

last but not least..a picture of Ikram 'bob' shah buying drinks...well..people say during flood we must not drink water that is not bottled or masak...so this was what we did.....yeah baby~

cool flood...not so cool cat which bit me on my hand.....


† ikram shah † said...

taaa man tab bai! haaanep memang cool ah!

パイス a.k.a paisu said...

hanep mmg cool..kaw memg silly..hahaha

Sera said...

lol.. myspace-ing in car..?? police officer sumore!! XD

Sabina said...

Good post.