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Happy Birthday to ME!

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Well...i typed this at 12:48 am @ TBUN CC...
Its my birthday! And sooo many bad things happened the day b4..sigh!
My aunt and my mum attacked me on my gf issue..whyyy? why cant i have a sarawakian? is it that badddd??? bcos of that i felt very angry and went out of the house..straight to TBun CC..5 hours package for me...but when i got out..i realized my car has been blocked by some mamak's table...haiya!!! so malang.when will the table rearranged inside back ah? into the cc i go again...heh...another 5 hours...what the fuck! im insane!
well..might as well do my assignment here..heh...did..a little of assignment..then played CS...owning..
after playing so much.getting bored..checked my fs and ms...got birthday wishes from ppl..thanks ppl! my earliest 12 am wish was from Yus..a friend..and then my beloved ..gf..heeh...she called me usin somebody's phone..hahah no credit ah dear? nvm..thanks anyway! ..still have 2 hours left b4 goin back home..hopefully no ppl using the table so i could ram it! HAHAHAHAHAA
i'll waste the 2 hours watching movie here laa..Game Plan? Bee movie? whatever...chowwww!