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Tiring day before Xmas.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

24th of december..the year is ending...

Today..just after Mdm Jasmina's class.. fie and yeh decided to run some errands.
Our plans were:

1. Go to MARA building and take the application form there.
2. Go to TimeSquare and send fie's camera for servicing.

As planned...we went to KL after class..with the aim of MARA. We really want that MARA loan so damn much as we are hving difficulties on $$$$.

The journey was a bit tiring and challenging as there was heavy traffic due to one accident....
Nevertherless, we still continue our journey patiently (konon) ..
Had to park in Pertama Complex as this is my first time being here.
Many rumors say that no slippers, torn jean are allowed when u're visiting the MARA HQ.Phew, luckily someone told us beforehand...bcaus we saw some after-PMR kids get 'thrown' out as they arent wearing proper clothings. no slippers allowed!

The makcik guard told us, "Dik, datang balik pukul 2 boleh? Skrang ni lunch time la" .....
Sigh..so we went out and waited for an hour at a mingomingo outlet near there...
an hour after that, went to the guard again, got the pass...went up to 3rd floor...

Me: Aa.abang..saya nak apply MARA loan.
Bro: Ni nak apply utk bila yea? Utk taun dpan?
Me: Erk.. (discussing with fie)
Me: Yea...taun dpan.
Bro: Ooo...kalaw camtu..apply online yea? Sbb taun ni takda peruntukan da...borang pon takda
Me: Online? Apa website?
Bro: www.mara.gov.my
Me: OK.

WTF...if i'd known that it is much easier to apply online i would've done that from the beginning..zz

Ok then, after that...we went to Jelatek LRT station...park the car there..and board the LRT to somewhere near bukit nenas..we exchanged from lrt to monorail at bukit nenas...then to imbi. There we got off and went into berjaya times square...

Me: Hello, where is the canon service centre?
Info Lady: At the 9th floor, take the escalator on the right yea?
Me: Owryte!

We go round and round until we reach the 9th floor....and there it is...the canon shop.

We went inside and asked if we can claim and repair the camera or not...then the obasan told us..

Obasan: Noooooo. here is not service centre...you have to go to Canon in Shah Alam.
Me: Really?

WTF again! We went all the way to KL and wasted our energies and money to know that MARA can be applied online and the service centre is in Shah Alam...haizzzzzzz

Because of that, we decided to window shop. elle of course, not me.
One thing i realize, women/girls/females...when they are window shopping or shopping...they never got tired.
But, i still remember..they always complain when i park a bit far from the destination...they cant even walk a bit..but when it comes to shopping..they are willing to walk all over the mall without complaining.. O_o

After the tiring walk...i've decided that we take a cab back to my car in jelatek...since the time is 5pm++ which means the public transport will be crowded and swarming with sweaty people..

Went back to the car and went to keramat to see my mom..it's been 3 weeks since we got separated...lollllll

and that's it..before i could get some rest..amirul texted me and wanted to hang out..so i got home and take a bath then went out again...for pool games....