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Bye2 2009 hello 2010

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Had fun last nite...eventhough its quite tiring...being a runner is always tiring..
the bbq was great...

Thanks to everyone who participated and hope we can do this or something else again in the future :)

AC? Fun and funny moments. Drunks everywhere..they're pissing on the streets, arguing and throwing up.

Best fact[s] @ AC :

1. Afiq kalah pool
2. Lots of hot chicks (the yellow shirt is the one i remembered most)
3. Many drunks
4. Drunk indians fought again each other, drunk malays next table encouraging the fight to turn into a fist fight.
5. The arrogant 3-bucket-malay-bob-marley-wannabee threw up. FUCKED UP.
6. AC manager called in the police. The police came and the indians were saying "Ok, bro , take care" to each other. WTF? Before they were killing each other..now take care?
7. A few drunk Koreans/Chinese had fists fight at the parking lot. Bob Jah ran towards the police while calling up "Banggg bangg bangg!" << terbaekk an