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Test? Ujian?

Saturday, May 23, 2009

There are so many tests i've been through this past few weeks...
and today...i just took my Competency Test...and i think im not that competence yet..
hopefully i'll pass.,,or even if i fail..it doesnt matter..i'll just keep goin on and on...there's no harm in failing and continuing..but it is better than failing and stopping...rite?

During my competency tests..i was asked a question (speaking test) ..
The question was,
Mdm S :What have you realized during this past 3 months?
Me : Erm..i've realized that i have wasted my times pursuing something that is not a priority to me. Ohhh, i've wasted my time!
Mdm S: Really? What was that?
Me : I wasted it by pursuing an impossible love, and going around pleasing people + socializing too much?..

Phew..at last the test is done..
went to sunway for a movie but bcos of the queue we changed plans..

Last but not least, i wish to someone-you-know-who-yourself-is-when-u-read-this happy always with your new life. Thanks for the memoirs.