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Friday, December 19, 2008

I was resting alone (all my housemates were out) on my fav spot (near my lappy) ... when i suddenly started thnking of something...and it really bothers me! I searched everywhere for that thing...and 'it' is nowhere to be found...fuck! I rushed down into Basement 2, reached my car...searched in my car...
bla bla bla...still..i couldnt find 'it'! Then i drove out of B2, (while leaving my C902,my cigarettes) at home..went to nearest 7e11 (which is inside a Shell station), i asked the guy there... "Do u have 'it'?" , and he searched or 'it'...and lastly gave up and says, "Sorry we dont have 'it'...then i rush myself to Petronas station and asked for 'it'...still..with dissapointing answer of "No". I didnt give up, so i went to TESCO Extra nearby (at 11:50 pm)....i parked..and ran inside...just to hear the P.A announcing , "We will be closing soon..thank you for coming and shop with us". Damn! I didnt get the chance to go inside at all! ..
And so on, i try my luck at Esso station..and finally..'it' was there!
I finally got my nail clipper...fuck these long nails are bothering me since last week! HAHAHAHAA
Stupid? Yeah i think so too..after i got back and see my housemates already at home..and i told them the journey i went ..with a reply "Ni bkn pengepit kuku ke atas laptop ni?" .. WHAT THE FUCK?????!!!!!!!


kHaiEysHa said...


Pais パイス said...

hehe...sengal btol la!!!

Sera said...

hahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!! wat lawak bodo tol la ko ni.. haih.. ;p