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Back from my tour to the north

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Yeeehaa..after 4 days in the north side of Malaysia..im actually back safe!
Thank God for that..
I went to Taiping on Monday in order to enjoy and pick up Hanif Zulkhairi the taiping boy.. a.k.a MRC
The journey was quite fun since this was my outing with friends and driving with friends are much fun then with family..i can drive fast,foolishly and stop whenever i want... ;)
I drove by myself all the way to Taiping...at first we stop at Ipoh RnR to eat some Pau Ayam-tak-serupa-ayam-lebih-macam-kacang. Then we moved on...and end up entering Ipoh whereas we should go straight up north to Taiping... (biasala jakun)
So we pusing2 in Ipoh looking for the way out and lastly called anep for guidance...

The speed i was goin...almost maximum to what the car can do...hahaha

Car full of girls..the driver was racing with me...gua potong dia potong ..gua potong balek dia potong balek...demit! Lucky u drive Wira and i drive Kenari...

Was raining like hell...and that is an identified object.

Bringing the MSU name here and there

Nice number ...77777..had to slow down to take this pic

The rumored tunnel where people meet up with the Ghost Volkswagen..

As soon as we arrived..Achap , who used to come here..showed me the way to Anep's house...and after pusing2 we arrived...anep came out and was like.. "Datang x kasitau!" ..whereas we told him earlier b4 our plans..just that when the day arrives we told him when we are on the way...hahahaha
We lepak2 for a bit then went out ..we went to Nawalereena's house (dont know if im spelling right)..picked her up then went to Restoran Selera Malam...anep was excited to bring us to eat char kuey teow..but it was closed..oh btw...in nawal's house...there were cats...and i named them after the owner and achap himself..hehehe

Achap looking at Achap

Nawal and Achap

Selera Malam..where i ate 7 sateys and drank a glass of what-juice-i-forgot.

Still there...selera malam..kirin mengantok kaa?

Nawaluddin with Achapan..hehe jgn mara ehhh

In anep's room..where i was left sleeping alone..all of them slept outside as it is cooler

Woke up early in the morning..dono what to do..took this pic..the mayat bungkus is achap..and the tido beregu style is kirin and anep (their sleeping position look alike rite?)

Van '3' kepunyaan bapak anep

View of the laman

The house

The snake anep kept as guard in the house

After all of them are awake..we went to this cc...called ViVi Net

Had to go back earlier as we promised to have lunch at home (mak anep masak macam2 woo)...and promised aya to go to Penang at noon..but we went out of the house after lunch at about 4pm...and arrived in Penang at around 5..haha..sorry Aya! Gomenasaii!!
The journey to Penang was fun..i got the chance to ride the Ferry for the first time in my life! haha..jakun...it cost us (actually achap paid for it) rm7 to get on the ferry along with the car...ahah..nice nice...Enough said..these are the pictures on the way to Penang..

Alaa tomeii...hahaha

At Kapitan mamak restaurant..

Hahaha weird concept restaurant..toilet bowl! Disgusting and unique! Gonna open mine later "Garbage Can Restaurant"

At Batu Feringhi...like uptown..or downtiaown in JayBee

Back from Penang..otw to Taiping

Back to Taiping....

At Prima Cafe...the place where got pool and snooker..but sadly...only 1 pool table available there....sad sad sad taiping! One thing i remember is their motto..which is "Great people, great place, great coffee..." hahaha

New Club Taiping - look at me showing the board...hey ho Hitler!

Restoran mamak..forgot the name...A. Rahman i think..we watched arsenal game there...

Achap with weird face...haa..tgn kaw bawah meja buat apa thu? next to him is nawal(uddin)

Me showing dissapointment towards Achap under table behaviour

Tabbaek skodeng achap oii!


Haaa....this is one good place i visited there...

Eliamtamby...where 'shemale' hang around waiting for customers...i say la..i give them 5 out 10 rating..cunn!!

Hungry driver....

So that's the end of my journey to Taiping and Penang...phew! what a long blog eh? took me more than 1 month to finish (its bcos of me lazy to update...hahahaha! sorry!)