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GK, Genting..and Stadium merdeka..

Sunday, December 09, 2007

A few days back..gk came here..he's on holiday...we hang out ..and went to genting highland (woo this is my 2nd time there..) ...that was on 8th December..many crazy things happened...we went into Van helsing's ghost house...and disturbed the ghost ..one of them said 'Lu pahal?' ..hahahahaha...that was really funny and not scary at all...on the way back down to earth...my bumper fell off...was a shocking moment and we had to stop at the side of the road..tried to sepak it on back but we couldnt...lastly...gk used his belt and tied up the bumper..wahahahahahahah..and oh...i went there with amir..gk..and fadd

next day..9th december...something i've never done in my life..i did that day..which was ...goin to the concert..MCR concert! They were awesome! Like their performance..but hated the waiting and the poor organizer who is noob in organizing this...damn...went back at 4 am after sending gk's friend who i still dont know his name till now...at politeknik shah alam...and missed the 9 am mr ikram's class.. xD