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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I was on my to kopitiam (next to Rafi Bistro) at that time, and was on the phone with faris safwan bin ibrahim...suddenly..

a guy , pakistani or indian (am not sure) , who was seating at the corner of Syuhaida restaurant , and wearing all whites ..... said something to me.

Guy in White : You have a bright face and bright future aheads you (something like this la..forgot the exact wordings)

Me : *Blur* , *thumbs up* and then walk away.

Upon reaching kopitiam...my mind suddenly recalled back on the guy. Who was that? Is he and angel? Is he gay? Or is he just a normal guy complimenting me?
I've been thinking about that for quite some time..and why did he actually said that. ARGHGHHHHHH


mr green said...

ko tau abg aku pon penah ade mamat camtu r lebey kurang ckp perkara y lebey kurang jugak kat abg aku kat kajang..

(mngkin betol la die gay)

Pais パイス said...

ye ke? lol. mr green ko sape eh?