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Good morning Malaysia!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

After long hours of sleeping,i feel rejuvenated(is this the correct spelling?) again!
Last night i was in deep-shit-state , which was very bad as i cant even concentrate on DotA! I overslept and missed the pool game (which i lost rm5 also) .. and then when i woke up this morning..im totally hungry!

Nevertherless, its been a few days with pool , BK , and stuffs. So, im running out of cash $$$$ now. Left about 50 bucks..to survive till the end of the month.
What can i do? any suggestion?

If 1 carton of maggi mee cost about rm4 with 5 packets inside. which means for 15 days...i have to buy 3 of it..which cost rm12... that left me with another rm38...fuel for 15 days without going out of shah alam...around rm15? no..more than that probably...that left me for about rm18++ more...i think i can survive without cigarette for half a month..maybe...just maybe...oh GOD!! please help me!


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