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Tuesday, September 08, 2009

A unique date. Yet..it means that only after this day..it will be 5 years..since my dad passed away..
I still remember..that nite..when i got a call from my step mom...it was at around 8pm, 10th September 2004...when i was 15 years old..and PMR was just around the corner.
It was really shocking..eventhough i barely knew my dad (we didnt spend much quality nor quantity time together as mom n dad divorced when i was quite young)...
Whats more, I was the one who took all the burden to call up each my brothers, who were in different states,and told them about the news. I am still wondering how did i manage to do so.
But even with all those sadness and despair and regrets i have, im glad for ONE thing. That all of us (except mom) got together a few months or a month before he passed away. I dont know how and why, but i think GOD made us all think alike. My brothers and I amazingly thought the same thing, and went to Kelantan to see our dad. I was suprised to see my brothers there , who came from other states from me. We didnt even plan to be there at the same time. So, we had an unplanned vacation with dad...for the last time. It was quite a memory...and i would never forget that!

To Dad,
Hope you're okay 'there', since its Ramadhan now,i will always pray for you.


myza said...

i miss my late dad too ;((

Pais パイス said...

pray up for him then! :)

Sera said...

wow.. this is really a good update.. i'm all teary-eyed! haih..

Pais パイス said...

hmmm..thanks for crying..

adelOuh A (; said...

jd ckgu tadika??