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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Wah..! its been a year since i last posted on this blog..seems im not a hardcore blogger after all...well..no one visits my blog anyway..so its just a waste of time..
updated the blog since i was tooooo bosannn...the holidays are TOO long...i dont know what to do at home and if i go out..money will flow like streams...haiz...
just got back from the car wash..damn those guys..they made my bumper tertanggal and act like i didnt know bout it...i wont go back there sometime sooner..ah..goin back to Klang tonite..mak dah call tanya bila nak balik...aiyo..being in klang will make me more and more kayu..what to do..mak punya pasal..for mum's sake..i'll go back home..weeee....i think that's all..too damn bored...waiting for aizat to call and take back his lappy...then vroooooooooom to klang..