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Friday, June 27, 2008

Spain won against Russia 3-0...

But the sucky part is that i accidentally left my keys inside our home...and all of us are locked out! Damn!!!! It was 4am in the morning and we tried our best to get in..but failed...the only option is to wait for Ferd to be back .... i was tired of waiting and trying that i left ... Kirin anep and aizat were left there n they went to some frens house at level 7...i went to STDN and to Klang at 7 am...sleep for like 1-2 hours then went back to shah alam...
i arrived at 12pm noon at college..texted yaz.. "Mana?" .. "Rafi. The girls eating", yaz said. Adoi...so i went to CG04 and saw it was already closed...!#!@^$^#&
Went to rafi..had a drink..and went off to brunsfield....
skip skip skip

at 2pm++ near 3pm...went to college to settle things off...i was asked to activate the ID first at account dept. so i did...saw yaz already goin to see the mentor...T.T haiz..im late!

and so i went there at acc dept. ...tut tut tut...met Seiryu there...chat with her about things..and then when her number is up...we both went to the counter...she was helping her fren activating id but the business was supposed to be done at the back..so she wasted 1 hour or more waiting for the numbers :P hehehe pity...but lucky me i got her number...

Me and the staff

Staff: Ye amek apa?
Me: Private
Staff: Dah amek nombor? Amek nombor dulu kang saya panggil (with disgusted look)
Me: Dah amek la.. ni! (i showed her the number that Seiryu just passed to me when i was asked for it..haha lucky!)
Staff: K.. (do her work...for..quite...some...time)..
Me: (Look here and there..there was a beautiful girl behind me...my classmate i think..junior maybe?)
Staff: Hmm..ni kene bayar ni...installment ngan first month punya fees...
Me: Hah????? Ye ke? Berapa?
Staff: Total untuk sem ni RM3k++++ (i forgot how much exactly) ... awak kene bayar installment RM600 ngan first month bla bla bla..
Me (Thinking to myself): What the hell??!! Aku tak bawak dwet pon! Demit ah!
Me: err..kak..kalaw bayar sikit dulu boleh? yang laen saya bayar hari isnin..saya tak bawak byk duit ni..saya bayar rm300 dulu ok?
Staff: (thinking and discussing with her colleagues)...
Staff 2: Andai kata la..tak boleh bayar...pasti ke boleh bayar isnin ni?
Me: Ye la bayar la
Staff 2: Tapi kalau tak boleh? Kalau la..
Me: Insya-ALLAH saya bayar laaa...hari isnin ni...kalau tak bayar tu pon kalau acc dept. ni tutup la!
Staff 2: Sure ke boleh bayar ni? Kalau tak bayar cepat kena denda tau?
Me (Thinking to myself): Wtf? Dia ni ingat aku nak tipu ke taknak bayar?
Me: Berapa denda dia?
Staff: RM2 sehari
Me: Laa..Rm2 sehari saya tak kisah la..
Staff: Tak kisah eh? Ok.. (took the Rm300 and start printing the bills)
Me: K terima kaseh...

I went off with anger...wtf with this management? Hold a bit also cannot? Its not like i can run away (and if i did...they wont lose much la! Cos i run means i dont study anymore and i dont use the facilities!)
Because of my anger and ego..i called my brother and asked him to give me some of my cash to pay for the GOD**** fees! I rushed to section 2 and took the money from my brother (and oh brought achap along)..
went back to acc dept. took number..and paid all what i have to pay (upon receiving money the damn staff smiled..i wonder why)
Later i find out that Sabran , who also private...only had to pay RM600 installment... >.<

MSU (Management Sucks, Understood!)

result..not good enough..just k ok.. :D